7 Countries...4 days...6,000 miles.


Welcome and Thank You

This year 2012 our boys will be fundraising to help CHAS  come the following year 2013 we shall participate in a new challenge.

7 Countries .... 4 Days .... 6,000 miles .... All in a £250 banger !

It sounds crazy, but we're going to do it and we plan to help a lot of kids too - hopefully with your help!

What is the Sucata Split? 

It's a non-competitive European banger rally tour, run by the charity 'Gemin-i'.  The event will take place from 26th to 30th May starting in Bruges, Belgium, passing through seven countries, and will end in Split, Croatia. The rules state that teams of up to four people have to buy an old banger (hopefully in reasonable working condition) for a measly £250 or less! The rally has to be completed in just 4 days (although our trip will take a total of 10 days from Scotland to Croatia and back). Given the state of the bangers in question, each journey should be pretty interesting.


Who are Gemin-i?

Gemin-i area UK-based charirty creating innovative ways to improve education in developing and developed countries.  They are the brainchild of the 'Sucata Split'.


Introducing the 'Split or Bust' team:

* Thomas Callaghan- aka - Dirty Harry        * Graeme Salmond -aka- He Man 

* John  Connell-aka- Conzo                               * Steven  Young-aka- Twinny


How would your sponsorship help?

Approximately 60,000 children would benefit tremendously from your kindness. Each team is set a target of raising £1,000 for Gemin-i.

Corporate Sponsors - Please see the 'Get Involved' link above.


We are looking to raise more than the minimum £1000 sponsorship for the charity

So get ready to dig deep and blow those cobwebs away!

You can Donate Directly to the Charity on our link below.















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